2023 Was a Busy Year For Gardiner Capital Group!

2023 was a busy year, and Gardiner Capital Group was busy working out options and presenting offers to note sellers to help get them the cash they wanted.

In total, we evaluated over 600 individual seller financed deals from sellers and made offers on over $15,600,000 in note unpaid balances!

Below is a quick sample of some of our closed deals last year covering a range of property types. We buy notes on single family homes, commercial buildings, raw land, and can even help with business notes or other special situations.

Offers made on over
of unpaid loan balances

Deals Evaluated In 2023

New England Partial


Location: Rochester, New York

Situation: This seller contacted us last year in need of some liquidity to help pay the down payment on a new piece of property. The challenge was that the borrower’s credit was well below the underwriting criteria of many note buyers out there, and the seller was getting constantly turned down. After taking a deeper look and understanding more about the borrower’s situation we were comfortable in presenting the seller an offer.

SolutionThrough our thorough due diligence process, we were able to take the time to understand the nuances of the situation and structure a partial purchase of $60,000 of the note’s UPB, leaving the balance of the note to the seller.

New York Commercial


Location: White Plains, NY

Situation: This pair of sellers was looking for options to sell a note that their father had previously taken back on a commercial building in New York. The note was legally held in a trust, and the two brothers were looking for a way to convert the payment to cash today. The sellers also shared that they had competitive bids on the table and were curious if we could best their current offers.

SolutionThis was a full note purchase for the note’s full $652,000 unpaid balance. Our bespoke due diligence process gave us the comfort to out-bid other note investors and give these sellers the best deal possible.


“Enjoy the remainder of 2022, and if the opportunity presents itself, we’ll do business with you again.”

Tennessee Full Purchase 


Location: Memphis, TN

Situation: Sometimes we work with sellers that have been given a note as payment or collateral for another obligation, and are curious how they can convert the future payments into cash today. This particular seller was in just this situation, and was wanting to liquidate the note since it wasn’t something he wanted to hold long-term. The note had also been sold before, and so there were additional assignments that had to be collected.

SolutionBy collaborating with the seller and obtaining the required assignments and LLC operating agreements, we were able to close on this note’s full $90,000 balance and get the seller the cash they needed to move on with their normal business.

Michigan Land Contract

Location: Detroit, MI

Situation: This was a husband and wife that reached out to us looking to sell the remaining payments in a contract for deed they held. This was another situation where the borrower’s credit presented some challenges, and several other buyers’ offers had fallen through because of the property’s condition and the borrower’s poor credit.

Solution: After the seller’s other offers failed to come through, we were able to close the transaction and get them the cash they need all while working through the borrower completing some roof repairs.

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